We are a small handicraft enterprise in the middle of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, which has been commited for more than 30 years to the detailed and true-to-original restoration of carriages and sleighs.

A little excerpt of our history:

The beginning in the year 1972 was based upon the buying of a carriage and a horse. This carriage had been standing in a barn for more than 70 years and urgently required restoration. Under the help of old and experienced craftsmen, the vehicle was successfully restored to its original state. After the purchase of other carriages in the same year, the interest in a true-to-original and historical correct restoration grew constantly.

Through  contacts to well-known private collectors and national museums, the knowledge was expanded continuously. This relations still exist and allow us to do detailed and accurate investigations, comparisons and inquiries in the run-up to the restoration of a carriage.

This helps us assuring appropriate and true-to-original work.

But we also offer restorations of other allied objects like journey paraphernalia, clothing, lamps etc.

On this website, we want to provide a litte insight into our enterprise, work and already finished objects.
In case you might feel like  want to have more of it, or you'd even like to  have one  of your treasures restorated, don't hesitate and contact us, or come and visit us at almost any time. Our adress and further information on how to contact us can be found at [Contact].
In case you are looking for true-to-original fabrics from ancient centuries, have a look at our shop!

Have a good time while
reading and looking through our pics!

Dieter Erich Gaiser

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